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1000L Liquid Jewelers Rouge (Pink) 1001L Liquid Jewelers Rouge (Green) 124 Chrome Rouge (Yellow) Large Bar
124 Chrome Rouge (Yellow) Medium Bar 124 Chrome Rouge (Yellow) Small Bar 126 Chrome Rouge (White) Large Bar
126 Chrome Rouge (White) Medium size 126 Chrome Rouge (White) Small Bar 129 Chrome Rouge (Green) Large Bar
129 Chrome Rouge (Green) Medium Bar 129 Chrome Rouge (Green) Small Bar 130 Jewelers Rouge (Pink) Large Bar
130 Jewelers Rouge (Pink) Medium Bar 130 Jewelers Rouge (Pink) Small Bar 136 Chrome Rouge (Green) Ultra Fine Large Bar
141Stainless Steel Heavy Cut (Gray) Large Bar 143 Stainless Steel Medium cut (Gray) Large Bar 143 Stainless Steel Medium cut (Gray) Small Bar

Polishing Compound & Buffing Compound for Chrome, Aluminum, Stainless Steel & More

Achieve the mirror finish you are looking for with polishing compound and buffing compound from Southwest Metal Finishing Supply. We carry a wide selection of polishing compound including chrome rouge, jeweler’s rouge, Tripoli compound, stainless steel buffing compound, and more. Whether you need a large bar of polishing compound or just need a few ounces for a small project, we have exactly what you need. We also carry polishing & buffing compound kits that include everything you need readily no matter what materials you happen to be working with.

Browse our entire selection of buffing compound, polishing compound, and jeweler’s rouge. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 903-509-4500 or email us if you need assistance. We are happy to help you through the ordering process or answer any questions you have about our selection.