Southwest Metal Finishing Supply Company manufactures and distributes buffing wheels, airway buffs, polish, compound, buffers, jewelers rouge, tripoli, chrome rouge, supplies, and accessories for the metal, plastics and wood finishing processes.
Faster Results And Finer Finishes

Welcome to Southwest Metal Finishing Supply Co. A manufacturing company incorporated in 1971. Southwest Metal Finishing manufactures and distributes buffing wheels, polish, compound, supplies, and accessories for the metal, plastics and wood finishing processes. Southwest Metal Finishing. is also an international supplier of buffing wheels and polishing compounds. Improvements and modifications to our products have taken place with advancing technology. For industrial high volume production operations as well as the end use consumer and everyone in-between. Southwest Metal Finishing offers volume pricing for large usage monthly accounts on all our products.

Southwest Metal Finishing has the ultimate in high performance polish, compounds and buffing wheels to fit every need. Southwest Metal Finishing offers the largest selection of Polishing Compounds, Buffing wheels, Buffers, Polishers, grinders, equipment, polish, compounds, jewelers rouge, chrome polish, aluminum polish, brass polish, copper polish, rouge, buffing accessories, full disc buffs, airway buffs, sisal buffs, muslin buffs, flannel buffs, treated buffs, mini buffs, dremel buffs, tapered buffs, cone buffs, thick buffs, custom buffs, dip treated buffs, buffing discs, arbors, shaft extensions, mandrels, metal finishing, metal polishing, metal restoration, plastic polish, wood polish, Flitz, Wenol, and custom manufacturing. At Southwest Metal, we continue to improve our products, create new industrial sales, and provide you the bestbuffing and polishing applications. Thousands of hours of field testing by us and our many customers have resulted in faster results and finer finishes.

We also are your best source for polishing accessories, polishing equipment and complete polishing operations through our relationship with Baldor Electric. Baldor is the leading manufacturer of buffers, grinders, stands, dust collectors and equipment accessories, and related buffing equipment. Whether it's a home use setup or large production polishing operation we can match the right equipment with the best buffing wheels and polishing compounds and accessories to make all of your polishing operations faster and finer than ever before.